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VIN is a unique identification number of each car. It can be found in the car's documents or directly on the car.
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We'll track down all records available for the inquired vehicle and show you the range of these records. You always know what you are buying.



You can pay for the Car History Report via a secure payment gateway GoPay either by card, by bank transfer or by Apple/Google Pay.


Car History Report

In case of card payments, the Car History Report will be available immediately after payment. We will also send it to you by email.

You can check the history of ...

Passenger cars
Commercial vehicles

Vehicle records from 20 countries

Cebia has over 2 000 partners all around Europe. These partners provide us with vehicle records from all over the globe.

Did you know ... that our system checks each VIN you enter against a database of damaged vehicles? Our database contains the records of over 195 million damaged vehicles from 15 countries. The majority of these records (62 %) come from France and Germany.

About Car History

Cebia Car History is the largest online database of used vehicle records in central Europe. It contains more than 1 billion data entries regarding vehicles from all over Europe. The Car History Report will tell you:

  • Vehicle mileage records
  • Damage records
  • Service records
  • Past vehicle listings
  • Theft records
  • Vehicle country of origin and year of manufacture
  • + 10 more categories View a sample Report
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Partners of Car History

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Previous customers have asked

What is a VIN?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique 17-digit code that unambiguously and distinctively identifies each vehicle. It is stamped directly on the vehicle body and all records of the vehicle are filed under this number.

How much does a Car History Report cost?

The price of Car History Report varies. It depends on the amount and range of history information we have available for a given vehicle. You can find out the scope of available information and the corresponding price of a specific Car History Report by entering the vehicle's VIN. In general, the report price starts at 199 CZK.

How to pay for a Car History Report?

You can pay by card, by bank transfer or via Google Pay and Apple Pay. Payments are handled by a secure payment gateway GoPay. You can also pay in cash at Cebia headquarters

How to access the Car History Report?

After your payment has been processed, the Car History system will send you an automatic email to the email address you provided. In the email, you will find the Car History Report ID (= which will enable you to access the paid information) together with a simplified tax document.

How to make a complaint about a Cebia History Report?

We are keen to hear your feedback, both the positive and the negative. If you are unhappy about your Car History Report - for example, if you suspect that incorrect information is included in the report - you are welcome to make a complaint. To do so, please contact our customer service department at : +420 222 207 111, autotracer@cebia.cz, MON – FRI: 8:00 – 16:30 CET